8 Ways To Get People To Pay Attention To Your Work

Attention isn’t free.

To get attention for our creations, products, or messages, we have to give our time, effort, and resources.

I’ve kept this in mind as I’ve attracted the attention of more than 10,000 subscribers to my For The Interested newsletter in the past year and thought I’d share exactly what I’ve given to get that attention.

If you apply them to your own projects, they will help you attract attention for whatever you create.

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The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Success in 2017

“You need to divide your audience or customers into two groups. Numbers and people. The numbers are the ones you can’t care about. They’re the faceless statistics that you see in your analytics panel. The people are the ones who talk to you every day, who look forward to your work and want to engage with it. The people are the ones who matter.”

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