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“One of my favorite newsletters. Short, punchy, valuable.”

– Justin Welsh, creator of The LinkedIn Operating System

“This newsletter has single-handedly given me the confidence to do the things I had been meaning to do for years. It is a knowledge power house for a small artist/business person like me.”

– Yuvraj Jha, Monkeyverse

“For The Interested is a consistent breath of fresh air and one of the few newsletters I make sure to read every time.

I love how it emphasizes growing an audience the *right* way instead of via a bunch of unsustainable hacks/shortcuts.

It’s changed how I view newsletters vs. other platforms, keeps me current on trends, and motivates me to really bring it in my newsletter.”

Matt Ruby, comedian

“I already subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and before I subscribed to For The Interested I wondered if it would be any different than the rest. Nobody needs more email!

But Josh’s content selection quality is superb.

If I JUST read FTI, I’d be smarter than 90% of people I know.

I could literally unsubscribe from my other marketing newsletters and be fulfilled on content.

I appreciate the clean design and that I don’t have to dig – it’s not overstuffed with a ton of links, CTAs, etc. It’s streamlined and I can skim quickly to find what I want to read.

It’s consistently interesting, high-quality content, and no fluff.”

– Kendra Wright, owner and lead strategist at Rebel Media Agency

“I subscribe to a lot of newsletters that I rarely every open because I am overwhelmed by their content.

But For The Interested gives me simple, actionable tasks, ideas, and examples I can concentrate on or implement – especially in the one-paragraph weekday emails.

It’s given me ideas to improve the content of my own newsletter, business lessons I can learn from others, and shown me new ways to reach more people with my work.

There’s so much content delivered to my inbox, but very few messages are worth a click, let alone my attention. I look forward to Josh’s because they’re direct and to the point.

I definitely recommend subscribing.”

– Christian Collard, publisher of 8AM

“I look forward to seeing FTI in my inbox every Sunday and click virtually every link Josh includes. His missives provide unmatched value and advice for my business.” – Kendall Ostrow

Josh really is an amazing teacher of this craft, and his newsletter has created tremendous value for my journey as a creator as well.” – Atray Agrawal

“If you’re a content marketer, run your company’s email newsletter, or are working in the subscription business, you need to be following Josh Spector. His newsletter is a must-read.” – Charlie Wollborg

“Your newsletter is packed with so many great articles and ideas that I’m slowly deleting other newsletters and email lists. This is quickly becoming the only one I need.” – Jeff Caudle

“I really appreciate that you give extremely helpful information that I would never have been able to find on my own. Inspirational, educational, informative.” – John W. Turner

It’s smart, interesting and useful. Whether it’s for a good read, personal growth, or your business, there is always something to learn. Hands down the one to read if you only have time for one.” – Susie Menkes

No matter what your line of work or goals are, this well researched newsletters will help you reach the next level and challenge the way you do things.” – Lew Morgante

Helpful, concise, well-written. If I only have ten minutes to find inspiration, this is the best use of my time!” – Melissa Zabower

“Informative, inspirational, and always positive.” – Earl Musick

Time-saving, ultra-useful, always interesting. If I could subscribe to just one newsletter, this would be the one.” – Ondrej Smida