For The Interested Sponsorship Opportunities

For The Interested Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in advertising in the For The Interested newsletter!

I’m currently offering a limited number of weekly sponsorship opportunities in the newsletter.

They’re an effective way to get your product, service, or content in front of an audience of 21,000+ creative entrepreneurs.

What You Get As A Sponsor

• When you purchase a weekly sponsorship, you get two ads: One in the Sunday edition of FTI and one in a weekday edition of FTI the following week.

• In the Sunday edition, you’ll be one of five sponsors (typically).

• In the weekday edition, you’ll be the sole sponsor of that issue.

The weekday edition is only a one-paragraph newsletter and rarely has more than one link in it so your ad will get significant exposure and engagement.

• Both ads are sent to the full FTI subscriber list (currently 19,176 people). The newsletters are typically opened by 10,000+ readers.

• All newsletters are published at 6 am PST. The Sunday edition is also re-sent on Friday at 2 pm PST to subscribers who didn’t open the first send.

• Sponsors are currently averaging 234 clicks on their ads.

Ad Creative Requirements

• Ads are text only (no images or emojis) and can include one link.

• You will supply the copy for the Sunday ad.

• I’ll write the copy for the weekday ad (inspired by your own copy, but in my voice).

• All ads are subject to editorial approval.

Reserve Your Ad Here!

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Comments From Previous Sponsors:

“I purchased an ad in For The Interested to drive traffic to my newsletter #FtheHustle and am beyond happy with the results.

I got 46 new subscribers from the ad and an industry thought leader saw it and connected with me as a result.

The return on ad spend for quality subscribers was better than any paid traffic through social media and the process to purchase was seamless.

I’m looking forward to running another ad.”

Kim Doyal

“Josh has attracted a thoughtful and creative audience through For The Interested. Placing an ad in it gave me access to his wonderful audience and 80 people signed up for my blog when I advertised it!

The price is reasonable and reach is incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better return on my investment.

Don’t wait any longer if you’ve been thinking of placing an ad on FTI!”

Minnow Park, coach for creatives

“I was uncertain about buying an ad at first because I wasn’t sure it would drive enough high-quality signups for the price or that the audience was what we’re looking for.

But we wound up getting 21 signups at $14 each.

I definitely recommend booking an ad in For The Interested – it delivered excellent results for us and communication with Josh’s ad team was clear and effective.”

– Jamie Beach, Head of Marketing for Classcamp

“The ad in the Sunday newsletter was less effective than the ads in the daily newsletter and if it was only the Sunday ads I probably would have waited longer between purchasing ads.

But with the daily newsletter option included I got 60 new subscribers for my newsletter!

It’s great exposure for a reasonable price. Definitely one of the best performing ads that I’ve tried.”

– John Bardos, Idea Economy newsletter

“I had considered sponsoring other podcasts or newsletters, but after some quick research I realized the prices were more than I felt comfortable paying.

I thought for sure an ad for a newsletter the size of Josh’s would have been hundreds of dollars and easily unaffordable for a solo creator like me, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I got more than 50 new subscribers thanks to my ad, which would have normally taken me several weeks if not a month of effort promoting my newsletter.

Instead, I saved myself a LOT of time and effort for a little bit of money.

If your target audience is in Josh’s subscriber audience, you’re going to get a huge return on your investment and I 100% recommend buying an ad.

The entire process of purchasing an ad was pain-free and frictionless. From choosing the run date, to payment, to coordinating copy.

Couldn’t have been smoother.”

– Dylan Redekop, Growth Currency newsletter

“I had no idea if the ads would be effective and worth the money, but I decided to give it a try to promote our newsletter.

We got 16 new subscribers in six days.

Our newsletter is a paid subscription newsletter for people interested in a sports betting index fund that beats the S&P 500, so it’s a pretty niche group. Sixteen signups for a $100 ad spend is great (although we also made the newsletter free for the week that our ad ran in FTI).

I’ve communicated with several of the people who found us through the FTI ad and to a person they all seem smart and capable, thoughtful, high-value adds to our subscriber base.

The ad booking process was easy, I accidentally double-booked an ad spot and my refund was processed within one day.

Josh is great and I definitely recommend buying an ad in FTI!”

– Ben Guest, Benbo Bets Newsletter

“I had some fear and uncertainty about buying an ad because I wasn’t sure I could afford the risk or that it would pan out.

But the ad I ran became the leading source of traffic to my site and got me a bunch of new subscribers.

The sponsorship of FTI was a main growth channel for me over the last weeks and the audience was a perfect overlap of the people I want to serve.”