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I’ll be honest: This site may not be for you.

If you don’t value learning, doing, and becoming better at your work, art, and life, then this site is definitely not for you.

But if you do value those things, then you’re one of The Interested and welcome to our growing community!

Here are some answers to other questions you may have…

What is this thing?

For The Interested currently consists of two things:

• A free newsletter featuring ideas to help you produce, promote, and profit from your creations . Subscribe to it here.

• This website, featuring a collection of curated and original ideas about self improvement, career growth, and social media.

Why is it called For The Interested?

I believe there are two types of people in the world – the Interested and the Uninterested. This post explains the difference and who I created this for.

Who created it?

Josh Spector (aka “me”). I’m a marketing and business consultant, writer, and “idea guy” who’s obsessed with curiosity, creativity, learning, and curating valuable ideas to share with others.

I also run the popular Newsletter Creators Facebook group – if you’ve got your own newsletter or are planning to start one please join us to connect with other creators and get tips about how to grow your newsletter!

Can I suggest an idea to be featured in the newsletter/website?

Yup. Just email me.

What’s the deal with the logo?

The logo is inspired by the story of the Sacred Rain Arrow. During an unforgiving drought, a young Apache warrior was sent on a journey to a medicine man who blessed his arrows which he then shot into the sky in the hopes of ending the drought for his people.

As our Facebook feeds have filled with content that’s the equivalent of junk food (or worse, hatred and negativity), I started this newsletter as an antidote to that.

Each idea I share is an arrow shot into the world, hoping it delivers value and positivity to those who consume it.

That’s why I chose this logo. Well, that and the fact that it looks cool and I always dug Robin Hood stories.