I'm One Of The Interested - Are You? - For The Interested

I’m One Of The Interested – Are You?

There are two types of people in the world — the Interested and the Uninterested.

The Interested want to learn. Want to be better. Are curious.

The Uninterested believe they know enough already.

The Interested hunger to understand their world and recognize the importance of understanding the world of others.

The Uninterested see only their world.

The Interested are ambitious. They’re “do-ers.”

The Uninterested wait and hope.

The Interested believe in possibility. They’re optimists. Open minded.

The Uninterested can’t see what could be.

The Interested care.

The Uninterested don’t.

The Interested create opportunities.

The Uninterested find excuses.

The Interested are investors — in themselves and others. They invest their time, attention, heart, and resources to do more and become more.

The Uninterested are borrowers. They take what they’re given and rely on others to provide for them.

The Interested value the past, present, and future equally.

The Uninterested can’t see past the moment.

The Interested care about why and how.

The Uninterested care about who and what.

The Interested value their time. They know it’s limited and won’t ever be enough to capture everything they want in life.

The Uninterested waste their time.

The Interested value community, communication, and depth.

The Uninterested are satisfied with the superficial.

The Interested are sharers.

The Uninterested are selfish.

The Interested become the successful.

The Uninterested settle.

This post is for The Interested. I know they’ll discover it.