The Story of Rodney Dangerfield

“Imagine having no talent. Imagine being no good at all at something and doing it anyway. Then, after nine years, failing at it and giving it up in disgust and moving to Englewood, N.J., and selling aluminum siding. And then, years later, trying the thing again, though it wrecks your marriage, and failing again. And eventually making a meticulous study of the thing and figuring out that, by eliminating every extraneous element, you could isolate what makes it work and just do that. And then, after becoming better at it than anyone who had ever done it, realizing that maybe you didn’t need the talent.”

If you don’t know comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s story, you should. And here’s your chance.

The New York Times Magazine shares this great essay about Dangerfield that reveals who he was, why he matters, and what you can learn from him to apply to your own life.

It’s a nice bit of respect for a guy who famously got none.