If You Can’t Be Organized For Yourself, Maybe You Can Do It For Others

“Being close to someone who is consistently all over the place requires a tremendous amount of emotional labor — reminding them to please take care of that task; making adjustments to your own schedule to accommodate their last-minute changes; worrying that you’re nagging them; having to say ‘it’s fine’ and ‘no worries’ every time they drop the ball, because god forbid you are anything other than a chill girl with no feelings.”

There’s no shortage of advice out there about how to be more organized, but here’s a take I haven’t heard before. If you struggle to motivate yourself to get organized, maybe you’ll have more luck if you recognize the way it helps others you care about.

Buzzfeed suggests being organized is a gift you give other people and points out it’s a way to show people who depend on you that you value them and their time.

Basically, being organized is an act of generosity.