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How Comedians Can Grow Their Fanbase

Too many talented comedians struggle to attract fans.

It’s usually because they don’t understand how to use social media and other marketing tactics to promote themselves and their creations.

For years, I’ve tried to help them figure that out.

Each week I share ideas and tactics to help creators produce, promote, and profit from their creations in my For The Interested newsletter and below you’ll find a compilation of  some of the things I’ve shared that will be particularly helpful for comedians.

The following tactics – some created by me, some by other social media and marketing experts – will help you get more people to discover and connect to your comedy.

Of course, if you’re not talented and don’t put in some effort, none of this stuff will work.

But if you are talented and willing to put in the work…these can make a HUGE impact on your career.


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