5 Ways To Create Better Beginnings And Endings

“The audience doesn’t know what they’re about to see. It’s the only moment you ever have them where their minds are as open as they’re ever going to be and they are truly ready to think of your work on the highest possible terms. You want to try not to fumble that ball.”

Damien Chazelle, the Oscar-winning director of La La Land has given a lot of thought to what it takes to create a memorable beginning and ending to his films.

But what’s interesting about this Vulture article is that his guide to beginnings and endings is also applicable to anything you create — even if it’s not a movie.

He suggests you get to the good stuff, lead with the most impactful images, and end early — advice likely to improve everything from your next Powerpoint presentation to your next advertisement or web video.

Clearly, it works well for movies too.