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5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

“Winning isn’t always championships.” — Michael Jordan

Win the hour and you can win the day.

Win the day and you can win the week.

Win the week and you can win the month.

Win the month and you can win the year.

But remember you can’t win the year until you win the hour first.

Now, on this week’s ideas…

1. Four Tweets I’ve Used To Grow My Network On Twitter

“The goal of your tweets isn’t to talk AT followers, but to spark conversations WITH them.”

There’s so much value to be had on Twitter once you understand how to use the platform to build individual relationships as opposed to chasing mass followers.

In this post I share four types of tweets I’ve used to grow my network on Twitter that you can adapt for your own purposes including recommendations, recap, and reply tweets.

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2. How To Be Happy More Often

“Your happiness level actually depends on how often you experience positive events, rather than how magically intense each event actually is.”

The best way to increase your happiness isn’t to plan some huge, elaborate experience — it’s to increase the number of small, happy moments you encounter.

Kara Cutruzzula explains how to increase the frequency of happy events in your life including to create a daisy chain of happy-inducing events, get inspired by someone else’s joy, and re-brand your boring days.

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3. Five Ways To Get Value From LinkedIn In Five Minutes A Week

“Posts don’t need to be long, they don’t need to be well-researched, they don’t need to be complicated. They need to stimulate interesting discussions.”

If you only use LinkedIn as a place to post your resume or think you could only get more value out of it by spending a lot of time on it, you’re wrong.

Josh Steimle suggests five ways to get value from LinkedIn in five minutes a week including tips about how to craft your bio, write simple and effective posts, and connect with people.

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4. Nothing Is Ever Over And Neither Are You

“We celebrate starting projects and finishing them. But we don’t draw attention to messy or incomplete parts of things.”

This is one of the more unique things I’ve shared both in terms of its format and its content.

I won’t spoil it for you, but Danielle Morgan’s thought-provoking take on why nothing is ever over and neither are you is a reminder that everything you do is — and always will be — a work in progress.

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5. How To Brand Your Project Like A Musician

“Make sure that the first thing people see is a clear and accurate reflection of what you want them to think about the entire time.”

I’m obsessed with this 10-minute video and have watched it multiple times this week.

Mikael Moore, managing director of Janelle Monae’s Wondaland production company, walks through how to brand your project like a musician and shows how they approached the marketing and positioning of Jidenna’s new music (who you can also hear on my For The Interested playlist by the way).

Even if you don’t do anything with music or entertainment, you’ll find this helpful and it will likely inspire you to rethink how strategic (or not strategic) you are when presenting your work to the world.

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Do the following five ideas interest you?

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Some of this week’s ideas came from Olivia Plotnick, Claudia Dawson, and Maxwell Anderson. Image via Rob Wingate.


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