5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

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1. You’re Not Floating Through Life — You’re 25.

“It’s as important to learn what you don’t want as it is to learn what you do want.”

2. How A Normal Person Can Build A Large Social Media Following

“The way you stand out on social media is by adding your experience to everything you publish.”

3. How To Decide What To Work On

“The moment I understood I’d be more regretful if I failed to become a successful writer than a successful entrepreneur, I was no longer distracted by the urge to pursue startups. Instead, I was focused on ensuring I didn’t die without becoming a successful writer.”

4. 13 Places To Find Free Illustrations You Can Use

“Thanks to all those designers, who allow engineers like me to overcome the struggle with creating custom illustrations.”

5. These Five Boundaries Are The Key To A Calm Work Day

“Work happy hours are an extension of the work day, with a heavy dose of emotional labor.”

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