5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

1. How To Get More True Fans

“If your goal is to attract more fans, never limit the ability of people to see and share a great creation.”

2. The Secret To Being More Productive Is A Checklist (Seriously.)

“The mind is good for so many things, but it’s a bad office. It’s a bad place to try and store things that you need to remember constantly.”

3. The Marketing Genius Of Lil Nas X

“A lot of people like to say ‘a kid accidentally got lucky.’ No. This was no accident.”

4. You Don’t Need 1,000 True Fans: Here’s How To Succeed With Just 100

“This represents a move away from the traditional donation model — in which users pay to benefit the creator — to a value model, in which users are willing to pay more for something that benefits themselves.”

5. How To Write On Social Media

“Read what you wrote & cut it in half. Then cut it in half again. Because you prob wrote too much.”

Three Quick Things Before You Go…

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