5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

You don’t need to be an “expert” to attract an audience.

Share what you learn as you learn it.

Share the problems you’re trying to solve.

Share the things that influence you.

It’s not about having all the answers — it’s about being willing to admit you don’t.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Four Ways To Think Bigger When Promoting Your Creations

“Tiny tweaks only lead to tiny improvements. Think bigger.”

Whether your goal is to grow your audience or drive more action, it’s important to experiment with different ways of promoting your work.

In this post I share four ways to think bigger when promoting your creations and encourage you to test a new emotion, new value proposition, or new premise.

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2. How To Get More Traffic From Instagram

“You may not get as much traffic from Instagram, but you will get better quality traffic.”

Let’s be honest: Instagram isn’t a great platform for driving traffic to your content that lives off Instagram.

But this 5-minute video from Jenn Herman features some great tips about how to get more traffic from Instagram including clever ways to use IG Stories, direct messages, and IGTV videos to drive more people to your site.

Plus, she explains why it’s a mistake to use link in bio apps and suggests a smart alternate approach.

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3. High Leverage Time Management Tips

“Start everything by thinking about the purpose of your time.”

It’s one thing to manage your time, but it’s another to focus it on things that create the most value.

Pete Flint shares a collection of high leverage time management tips including ways to run high leverage meetings, recalibrate your focus, and develop improved communication habits in order to better manage your time.

Btw, I found this link in the Rad Reads newsletter.

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4. How To Handle Negative Comments

“Do you know how sad of a place somebody has to be in for them to take the time to watch your video and say something to make you feel bad?”

Gary Vaynerchuk may have an empire of fans, but he also has his share of haters.

He explains how to handle negative comments including to realize they don’t know you, remember the big picture, and get comfortable with rejection.

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5. Seven Things Creators Can Learn From One Of The World’s Most Successful YouTube Stars

“You take that money and you reinvest all of it into your next video — essentially, you’re investing all of your profits back into your channel.”

Mr. Beast has become one of the biggest YouTube creators in the world and there’s a lot you can learn from him about how to grow a creative empire — even if you don’t make videos.

In this 12-minute video, Zaurbek Stark breaks down seven things creators can learn from one of the world’s most successful YouTube stars including how to be patient, make your content about other people, and continuously invest in growth.

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This Is How I Use Blog Posts To Get Clients

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