5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

If you’re a creator, you’re an artist.

If you’re a creator, you’re an entrepreneur.

If you’re a successful creator, it’s because you didn’t pretend only one of those statements was true.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. Double Things That Triple Results

“The time, effort, and resources you put into your work do not all generate the same level of returns — the doubling of some will drive larger results than the doubling of others.”

What can you double that might generate triple the results?

That question is the key to unlocking exponential growth of your audience, business or productivity and in this post I break down how to double things that triple results.

Specifically, I suggest ways to double your blogging, social media, or sales efforts that may trigger triple the results you get from them.

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2. The 4×6 Copywriting Method

“This is the perfect way to get your first draft done because you’re getting it out of your head and on to the page.”

This is pure gold.

In a 28-minute video, Kevin Rogers shares his 4×6 Copywriting Method which is a way to identify and communicate the 10 key parts of any sales pitch including the four essential facts and six reasons to buy.

I used the method this week to rewrite my This Is How I Do It signup page and found it an incredibly helpful tool.

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3. 20 Questions To Clarify Your Business Strategy

“For each service you offer, what is the main problem you’re solving?”

This is aimed at freelancers, but the truth is every creator’s an entrepreneur on some level and will benefit from it.

Felicia C. Sullivan shares 20 questions clarify your business strategy including whether you can clearly explain the components of each service you offer, how long it takes you to deliver, and what kinds of content you need to demonstrate value.

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4. Four Realizations From 25 Years Of Writing

“Through each of these realizations, I discovered the way to get better as a writer wasn’t just different from the way I was writing, it was the opposite.”

The more you write, the more you realize what great writing is actually about.

Justin Mikolay shares four realizations from 25 years of writing including that writing is about ideas, movement, and stillness.

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5. How To Make $210,822 Selling A PDF And A Video On The Internet

“You find something you know really well, and you give everything you know about it for free.”

That’s a great headline and this post lives up to it.

Daniel Vassallo breaks down exactly how he made $210,822 selling a PDF and a video on the internet including how he built an audience, decided what products to create, and drove sales.

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This Is How I Surveyed My Audience (And What I Got Out Of It)

I just made available an in-depth breakdown of how I surveyed my audience and used the information to improve my marketing and branding.

It’s an eight-page PDF that includes a breakdown of exactly how I ran the survey including what questions I asked, how I asked them, what I learned from my audience’s answers, and how I used that feedback to help grow my audience and strengthen my positioning.

Get it here.

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My Final Words Of The Week

Let’s talk about balls.

More specifically, about the courage to set your own parameters for what you create and who you create it for.

Cole Schafer has balls and requires his clients to as well.

Read this.

So awesome.

Have a great week.


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