5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I came across this Justin Jackson tweet that features three maxims for thriving products from behavioral scientist BJ Fogg:

“Help people do what they already do.”

“Help people feel successful (especially on their first use).”

“Simplicity changes behavior.”

There’s no one formula for success, but if there was that might be it.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. The One Question To Answer To Get More Twitter Followers

“Why should someone follow you?”

I’ve used Twitter for more than a decade (connect with me here), but never grew much of a following until a year ago.

That’s when I realized you can’t attract an audience until you can answer a key question.

In this post I break down the one question to answer to get more Twitter followers, help you answer it for yourself, and explain how to use it to guide everything you do on the platform.

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2. How To Use A 9-Word Email To Improve Your Marketing

“The entire purpose of the email is to ask a question that engages and gets a response.”

I can’t wait to try this out because it’s incredibly simple and seems like it will be effective.

Jessica Lunk reveals how to use a 9-word email to improve your marketing based on a strategy created by Dean Jackson.

The basic premise is you send a one-sentence email to people who previously expressed interest in something as a way to re-engage them and turn cold leads into warm ones.

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3. 10 “Hustle Traps” To Avoid

“Many people only realize they have fallen into a trap when they find themselves burned out.”

If you’re anything like me (and I assume you are), you see opportunities everywhere.

But if you’re not careful, all those opportunities can become overwhelming and lead to all sorts of problems.

Paul Millerd breaks down 10 “Hustle Traps” to avoid including the dopamine bomb of internet fame, chasing an audience instead of people you want to engage with, and setting an income goal as your metric of success.

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4. The 19 Rules James Clear Set For His Business

“Spend as much time as possible doing the actual work (the thing that delivers value) and as little time as possible doing the ‘pre-work’ that fills the calendars of most people.”

It’s not often I come across a list of “rules” in which I agree with every single one, but this fits that description.

James Clear shares the 19 rules he set for his business including to optimize for time before money, optimize for reach over revenue, and continually reach out to people who do the kind of work you aspire to do.

Btw, I found this link in the Rad Reads newsletter.

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5. How To Run A Successful Membership Or Subscription Program

“A membership program should be seen as an accelerant for work you must do.”

Now THIS is a deep dive.

Craig Mod has written 7,000 words about how to run a successful membership or subscription program based on his own experience including advice about why to launch a membership, how to price it, the technical side of memberships, and a whole lot more.

Btw, I found this link in the swissmiss newsletter.

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This Is How I Write A New Client Proposal

I put together an eight-page PDF to show you how I create new client proposals that consistently get me clients and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for my business.

It includes a breakdown of what happens before I send a proposal, a look at an actual proposal I’ve sent, and an explanation of how I format proposals you can adapt for your own.

Get This Is How I Write A New Client Proposal here.


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My Final Words Of The Week

The things you make don’t have to look like the things others make.

Your blog post doesn’t have to look like their blog posts.

Your images don’t have to look like their images.

Your ideas can become experiences.

You can make something unique.

Something like this.

Have a great week!


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