5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Want more views? Provide more value.

Want more sales? Provide more value.

Want to have more fun? Provide more value.

Value is always the answer.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. My Audit Of The “Mollie’s Monday Obsessions” Newsletter

“Pitch the value of the newsletter, not just what’s in it.”

I’m doing a series of newsletter audits to help creators grow and improve their newsletters.

In my audit of the Mollie’s Monday Obsessions newsletter I share 10 ways to improve a newsletter, many of which you’ll find relevant to your own as well.

My suggestions include advice about how to grow a brand, when to use italicized/bolded text, and how not to undersell your content.

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2. 15 Lessons From Someone Who Grew Their Twitter Following By 32x In Five Weeks

“People share what they haven’t seen before.”

I’ve seen a ton of advice lately about how to grow on Twitter (and shared my own Twitter tips last week), but this is among the best I’ve seen.

Alex Garcia breaks down how he grew his Twitter following by 32x in five weeks including advice about how to write first and last tweets in a thread, incorporate visuals, and add a clear call to action.

Btw, I found this link in the Idea Economy newsletter.

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3. Six Ways To Get More Out Of What You Read

“Once you realize that you can quit bad books (or reading anything for that matter) without guilt, everything changes.”

This will change the way you read…for the better.

Farnam Street shares six ways to get more out of what you read including how best to choose material, take notes, and read more.

Btw, I found this link in the Modern Museum newsletter.

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4. How To Build A Million Dollar Spreadsheet

“Your goal as a content creator is to serve your audience — which means they dictate what you make, not the other way around.”

This is an interesting way to think about creating “content.”

Fio Dossetto reveals how to build a million dollar spreadsheet and explains why the most valuable content you can create for your audience may not be blog post, video, or podcast — it may be a simple spreadsheet.

And they might even pay you for it.

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5. 11 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Engagement And Sales

“The real goal of email marketing is to build authentic relationships with your audience where they count on you to deliver value.”

If you implement any of the suggestions in this article, I guarantee you’ll see an increase in engagement with your emails.

Email Mastery shares 11 email marketing tips to boost engagement and sales including how to write triggering subject lines, master the welcome email, and re-engage dormant subscribers.

Btw, I found this link in the Demand Curve newsletter.

The Systems, Tools, and Tactics I Use To Grow My Audience And Business

Want to know the systems, tools, and tactics I use to grow my audience, get clients, and sell products?

You can see them here.

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My Final Words Of The Week

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