5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I’m amazed how many people wait for permission to make the thing they want to create.

But this week a client pointed something out to me:

“Those people don’t actually want to make the thing,” she said. “They just want the validation of being picked.”

Good point.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. How To Build Your Audience When Your Topic Is You

“You need to explain why people should care.”

I was recently asked a great question and turned my answer into this blog post.

In it I explain how to build your audience when your topic is you and give advice to a writer about how to attract people to his writing when it doesn’t solve a clear problem and its main value is simply entertainment.

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2. How To Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers For Free

“The name of the group is very important because that is what’s going to attract people to join your group.”

There are a lot of strategies out there to grow your email list, but this is a great one if you’re willing to put the necessary time and effort into it.

In a 10-minute video Sean Anthony reveals how to get your first 1,000 email subscribers for free by creating a Facebook group (or multiple groups) in your niche.

He breaks down how to start the group, get people to join, and get them to subscribe to your email list.

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3. Use The Hat Trick Writing Strategy To Amplify Your Content

“Writing hat tricks is like building puzzles backward, but by backing into them from one original idea, the process becomes easier.”

This is a clever way to turn every piece of content you create into three related pieces of content that feed each other.

Melinda Crow’s hat trick writing strategy involves creating an initial piece of content that’s a broad overview of a topic, creating a second piece that zooms in on an element in the first piece, and creating a third piece of content that’s the narrowest of all and based on something mentioned in both of the other pieces of content.

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4. How To Price Newsletter Ads

“A general framework to use to price, or buy, your first couple newsletter ads.”

As more people realize how powerful newsletter ads are, it becomes more complicated to figure out what they should cost.

Swapstack breaks down how to price newsletter ads including an overview of the different types of pricing and estimates for how much an ad should cost depending on the audience.

These kinds of estimates are subjective, but based on this my newsletter ads are underpriced and a steal — you can get one here if you’d like to reach the 10,000+ awesome people who open this newsletter every week.

Btw, I found this link in the Growth Currency newsletter.

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5. How To Get Your Book Published

“Mostly what this game boils down to is patience.”

What a great resource.

Jane Friedman has compiled a guide on how to get your book published that covers everything from how to find publishers and agents to how to prepare and submit your materials.

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My Final Words Of The Week

I read an amazingly well-written and powerful story on Twitter earlier this week and couldn’t wait to share it with you here.

But now it’s gone.

Despite all the people who loved it, the woman who wrote it got a lot of crap from idiots and took it down.

That’s a shame.

But someone should hire Katie White to write something. Trust me.

Have a great week!


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