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The Starting Five

39 Helpful Newsletters For Creators

I read a LOT of newsletters. These are my favorites.

How To Build A $1 Million Business With Zero Employees

It’s not easy, but these three examples prove it also may not be as difficult as you think.

32 Valuable Writing Tools And Tips

These will help you do everything from build a writing habit, to write better tweets, to create a writer’s business plan.

The Secrets To The Success Of TikTok’s Second Most Popular Creator

Khaby Lame has 115 million TikTok followers…and he doesn’t even speak in his videos.

10 Ways To Turn Podcast Episodes Into Effective Blog Content

I bet you don’t get anywhere near the value you could out of your podcast — this will help you change that.

A Deeper Dive: Time Management

Some resources to help you better manage your time:

The Time Management Tips Collection

How To Figure Out If Your Idea Is Worth Spending Time On

How To Use Email To Spend 50% Less Time In Meetings

How I Get Things Done Each Day

This Is How I Do It

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My Final Words Of The Week

The term “creator” gets used a lot these days.

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It’s someone like this.

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