5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

It’s easy to assume you know best.

It’s easy to assume you know what people want.

It’s easy to assume you know what’s going to happen next.

But it’s just as easy to assume you don’t.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Write A Newsletter

I took everything I know about how to write a newsletter people want to open, read, subscribe to, and share with others and put it all into this one blog post.

2. How To Master A Craft

There’s a lot to learn from the tactics people like Billie Eilish, Christopher Nolan, and Paul Simon use to narrow their scope, design a process, and overcome blockers.

3. A Free 5-Day SEO Course For Beginners

I took this email course last week and thought it was fantastic. It’s made for people with beginner to intermediate level of knowledge about search engine optimization and will teach you the 20% of things you need to know to get 80% of the results.

4. A 4-Step Framework For Communication That Converts

The title of this episode of the Social Media Examiner podcast doesn’t do it justice — this interview with Pat Quinn will give you a ton of tips to improve your speaking, presentations, and ability to persuade people to take action.

5. How To Use Social Media To Sell Books

A step-by-step guide based on how publishers who are good at marketing help their authors use social media to sell books.

For more help using social media to accomplish your goals, check out my 80-Minute Social Media Mastery video.

A Deeper Dive: Reading

Some resources you may find helpful:

How I Went From Reading Zero Books To 20 A Year

How To Read More Books

How To Double Your Reading Speed

This Is How I Do It

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My Final Words Of The Week

Stuff like this won’t help these brands sell soda, beer, or a thing that doesn’t exist.

Social media is such a powerful tool…it’s a shame so many of the world’s biggest brands waste its potential.

Have a great week!


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