5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Happy new year!

I’m not big on resolutions, but here’s a simple one for you:

Do what you want to do.

You’ve done enough thinking, planning, and wondering if you’re good enough to do it.

It’s time to start.

I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Get Followers On Twitter

I compiled everything I’ve learned in the process of growing my Twitter account to 17,000 followers into one blog post to help you grow your own following.

2. How To Use A Newsletter To Get Clients

I was recently interviewed on the Unleashed podcast and shared step-by-step recommendations to help you use a newsletter to attract clients and grow your business.

3. Three Ways To Get Yourself Booked As A Guest On Podcasts

Podcast host Jay Acunzo shares fantastic advice about how to get booked on podcasts based on his unique perspective as someone who’s been on both sides of a guest pitch — the sample pitch letter he shares is particularly great.

4. How To Get 200k Views Per Post On LinkedIn

Tim Denning explains how he did it last year including a breakdown of what he posts, what he does after he posts, and how often he posts.

5. How To Repurpose Your Content To Reach More People

I’m sure you know there’s value to repurposing your content on multiple platforms, but I bet you don’t approach it like this.

A Deeper Dive: Getting Things Done

A few resources to help you be more productive:

The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Productivity Forever

40 One-Sentence Productivity Tips

How To Make Your To-Do List Less Overwhelming

All The Productivity Articles I’ve Written

Sources and Sponsors

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My Final Words Of The Week

I bet I know someone who can help you accomplish your goals.

Just tell me what you’re working on here and I’ll recommend someone you may want to follow or connect with.

Have an interesting week!


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