5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. Simple Strategies To Conquer Twitter

Here are some highlights from my recent appearance on the SuperFastBusiness podcast in which I shared tips about what to tweet, how to use your bio, and how to reach more people on Twitter.

Speaking of podcasts, you can also check out a collection of the best podcast episodes I’ve found in my Marketing Podcasts playlist.

2. How To Avoid The 9 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes

I guarantee reading this will improve your messaging, conversions, and emails.

3. How To Create A Landing Page That Gets 52% Of Visitors To Give You Their Email Address

Step by step instructions on how to design the page, choose the right words, and get people to opt-in.

4. How To Write A Zero-Fluff Introduction

A simple four-sentence formula you can use for blog posts to capture readers’ attention and rank well in Google.

Btw, check out my How To Write Your Most Successful Blog Post Ever skill session if you really want to step up your writing game.

5. How To Figure Out What To Focus On

James Clear’s advice about how to figure out where to put your energy and how to commit to it once you do.

Meanwhile, On Twitter…


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My Final Words Of The Week

I do a lot of stuff in a given week to grow my audience and business.

But lately, I’ve been taking a moment to write down in a document how I do any task that I need to do more than once.

Creating these “standard operating procedures” is proving helpful — not because I give them to someone else to do for me (though at some point maybe I will), but because they get stuff out of my mind and on to paper.

That’s proving to make it way more likely that I do it consistently well.

I recommend you give it a shot with your own tasks.

Have an interesting week!


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