5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Your problem isn’t unique.

The first step to solving it is acknowledging that.

The second is seeking out people who have already solved it.

The third is learning from them.

And the fourth is acting on what you learn.

Problem solved.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. Recommended Resources For Creative Entrepreneurs

This may be the most valuable page I’ve created. It features a list of all the resources I recommend to help you grow your audience and business including courses, tools, apps, books, and more.

2. Are You Building A Skyscraper Or A Strip Mall?

This blog post helps you identify which you’re building and whether it’s the right path for you…or not.

3. Behind The Scenes Of A $40,000 Course Launch

This case study breaks down what Justin Moore’s landing page looked like, how he optimized it, and how he promoted the course in a way that ultimately paid off.

4. How To Write Blog Posts Readers Care About

A great collection of tips about how to find ideas, write an outline, write the post, choose a headline, and more.

5. The Complete Guide To Organic Viral Marketing

You can never guarantee virality, but you can create things in a way that increases the odds people will share them — this shows you how to do that.

Want to free up time for your creative work?

Here’s what happened after Micha Goebig watched one of my Skill Sessions:

“It helped me free up around two hours a week for more creative tasks. That’s huge!”

Want a similar result?

Get access to my Skill Sessions here.

Meanwhile, On Twitter…

Sources and Sponsors

• Email vs. SMS? More like Email and SMS. It’s time to stop wondering which channel drives more business, and start using them together. Learn how.

• Learn to create an effective email marketing strategy! Download Sendinblue’s guide and receive the benefits for your business and customers.

• 3 weeks until Creator Economy Expo (CEX) in Phoenix, AZ — the must-attend event for content creators. Save $200 here (code FTI).

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• Confused about Web3? Here’s an intro to Web3 specifically for content creators. Use JPWeb3 to save 25%.

• The Idea Economy newsletter helps creators and indie startups grow their audience and business.

• The CreatorBread newsletter breaks down the business, money, and strategy behind the creator economy.

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My Final Words Of The Week

If you’re not familiar with Khe Hy, you should be.

He’s one of the smartest people I know when it comes to productivity and figuring out how to focus your efforts on things that matter most.

Check out his free $10K Bootcamp to learn how to design a productivity system that works for you, stay focused, think bigger, stop putting things off, and invest in improving your mind, career, and relationships.

Have an interesting week!


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