5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Patience is powerful.

Because victory often goes to the one willing to stick with something long enough to get it.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Use A Newsletter To Get Clients

I’ve built a six-figure consulting business without doing any outreach to get clients. They’ve all come through my newsletter and in this post I explain how I made that happen.

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2. 7 Tips From A Writer Who Sold $5 Million Worth Of Self-Published Books

A step-by-step plan you can follow to attract an audience that will want to buy your work.

3. How 937 Creators Would Spend $2,022 To Grow Their Business

The results of this survey reveal creators are a lot more eager to pay for help than promotion.

4. How To Be More Confident On Camera

These six strategies are as likely to make you feel more comfortable on camera as they are to improve your videos.

5. How To Do A Content Audit

It’s great to create a lot of content, but inevitably your content library becomes a bit of a mess. This video will help you assess what you’ve created, get it organized, and get more value out of it.

Meanwhile, On Twitter…

Sources and Sponsors

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My Final Words Of The Week

I got an email from a filmmaker who spent a decade making a documentary which recently got rejected from a bunch of festivals.

He was distraught and asked for advice.

I suggested he consider self-distributing the film and added this bit which applies to a lot more than just filmmakers:

“The world has changed and it’s no longer just about finding someone to say ‘yes’ to you — you don’t need permission to put your work into the world.”

Take control of your own destiny.

Have an interesting week!


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