5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Everyone does something the same way.

Then someone does it different and it hits big.

So everyone copies what they did.

But it doesn’t work.

Because everyone learned the wrong lesson.

The right lesson is to do it different.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. 10 Brutally Honest Answers To Questions You Probably Have As A Creative Entrepreneur

Do you need to focus on a niche? How much should you charge? Why isn’t your audience growing? I’m about to tell you.

2. 8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Twitter Profile And Get More Followers

These changes recently helped someone go from 482 followers to more than 1,300 in three weeks.

3. 10 Clever Ways To Use Social Media To Get More Newsletter Subscribers

These great suggestions also come with specific examples and templates you can use.

4. How YouTube’s Algorithm Works

Mr. Beast and YouTube’s director of discovery reveal how to get your videos seen more often on the platform.

5. How To Promote And Grow Your Podcast

The head of marketing for podcasting toolkit Buzzsprout explains how to choose a show concept, attract listeners, and promote your show on social media.

Two Super-Valuable Things I Shared On Social Media This Week

 → Exactly what to send to someone after you have a meeting with them

 → Want to become more confident? Do this.

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My Final Words Of The Week

Earlier this week Vineet Sinha asked me a bunch of good questions about niches in an interview.

Give it a listen here if you’d like to learn how my niche evolved and some tips for how to find your own.

Have an interesting week!


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