5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I launched my I Want To Know podcast this week!

The feedback has been amazing:

“So many gems.” — Marcus Manderson

“A great new podcast and a welcome addition to my rotation.” — Peter Osborne

“So helpful!” — Erin Frobenius

“Love the format you’ve designed. Different from the start.” — Kevin Whelan

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Get The Right Clients

In the debut episode of my I Want To Know podcast I share tips on how to attract qualified clients, get clients to sign up for a recurring service, and use a newsletter to attract clients.

Watch the video version at the link above or listen to the audio version here or on your favorite podcast platform.

2. A Master Class In Content Creation Systems

Every successful creator is strategic about their approach to content creation, but no one’s systems are as smart as Justin Welsh’s. This video will inspire you and blow your mind — it’s a must-watch.

3. 34 Ways To Make Money As A Creator

Great examples of how to monetize your creations featuring ways creators (including me) are monetizing through content, platforms, products, services, and businesses.

4. How To Overcome Your Fear And Make Authentic Video Content

You don’t have to copy what others do to make successful video content — you just need to pay attention to Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice in this video.

5. 10 Frameworks That Make It Easy To Write High-Converting Copy

You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

Two Of My Social Posts Everyone Seems To Love

 → The secrets to how I got 23,000 followers on Twitter

 → The one HUGE mistake that’s prevented an entrepreneur from succeeding

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My Final Words Of The Week

Go listen to a classic Motown song.

And pay attention to the first 10 seconds of the song.

The way it immediately grabs you isn’t a coincidence.

Here’s how it happened.

Have an interesting week!


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