5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

You know that thing you keep telling your audience about?

The thing you’re sure people are tired of hearing you talk about?

You better tell them again.

Because a lot of them still have no idea it exists.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. The Client Generator

My new Skill Session is now available and in it I share a system you can use to get more clients based on what I’ve done to build a six-figure business.

You can get it for just $25 if you purchase before Monday — price goes up to $50 on Tuesday.

Here’s what some buyers said about it:

“It was a Masterclass in sales…especially for service-based entrepreneurs. I learned a lot.”

“This was my first Session and DAMN! I took a ton of notes because it was all helpful.”

2. How Justin Welsh Creates Content Systems, Builds Community, And Uses LinkedIn And Twitter

In a special “flip the script” episode of my I Want To Know podcast this week, Justin breaks down exactly how he approaches content and built his empire.

It’s packed with actionable advice.

Watch at the link above or listen here.

3. How To Create Value For Your Audience

I was a guest on Jay Clouse’s excellent Creative Elements podcast and shared advice about everything from how to grow a newsletter, to how to choose a niche, to how to provide value to your audience.

4. 21 Proven Subject Line Frameworks

Want more opens and clicks on the emails you send? This will help you get them.

5. How To Write And Organize A Book

A helpful behind-the-scenes look including a breakdown of software used to make organizing and writing a book easier.

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My Final Words of the Week

I’ve recently started using what may be the single best newsletter promotion and monetization tool I’ve seen.

The SparkLoop Partner Network is a simple way to get paid for promoting newsletters you love and/or pay others for sending new subscribers to your newsletter.

I’m using it to do both and seeing great results.

I recommend you check it out here and if you sign up, you can even get paid $3 for every new subscriber you send to my newsletter.

Have an interesting week!


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