5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

The hard part isn’t getting started.

It’s not pushing through the messy middle.

And it’s not finishing strong.

The hard part is finding something you care enough about to do all those things.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. My Podcast Growth Playbook

I’m 22 episodes into my podcast and have learned a ton about how to grow one — here’s a collection of advice I gave to a new podcaster about how to attract listeners on social media, through cross-promotions, and more.

2. How To Monetize Your Newsletter (And Why Most People Fail)

I was a guest on the How To Scale Your Agency podcast this week and shared a deep dive into the mistakes people make with their newsletters and how to avoid them.

3. The 4 Types Of Communities You Can Build And How Much People Will Pay To Join Them

All communities are not created equal and reading this will help you get clarity around what you’re building and how much people may pay to be a part of it.

4. How To Figure Out If You’re Attracting Your Best Audience

I typically avoid the word “best,” but the underlying message of this is crucial to consider if you hope to grow your audience.

5. How Get More Useful Answers From People

The next time you ask for information, advice, help, or agreement you’ll get a more helpful answer if you follow these question-asking tips.

I’ll Help You Clarify Your Niche For $25

My Niche Definer Skill Session gives you a simple system you can use to clarify who you want to serve and how best to serve them.

And since you’re reading my newsletter, you can use discount code NICHE25 to get it for just $25 this week.

As Ellen Donnelly said:

“The Niche Definer was great at making it very simple to determine whether or not you HAVE a strong niche and what to do to make yours clearer if you don’t.”

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My Final Words Of The Week

There are so many ways to get what you want.

Don’t choose the sketchy ones.

They won’t work anyway.

Be better than this.

Have an interesting week!


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