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The Starting Five

1. Watch Me Help A Creative Entrepreneur Clarify Her Message And Offer

Ever wonder how I’d pitch your work to potential clients? This is how.

2. You Don’t Have To Keep Creating New Content If You Do This

People are LOVING this simple framework I put together to show you how to build your own simple content library.

3. How The “Marketing Examples” Newsletter Grew To 130,000 Subscribers

You’ll learn how its publisher optimized his signup forms, created growth loops, and built a distribution machine to fuel growth.

4. How To Figure Out Which Social Platforms To Use

Eight questions to help you identify where to focus your efforts so you don’t have to be everywhere.

5. 18 Mistakes To Avoid As A Creator

As chosen by 18 creators who have had a lot of success.

I’ll Help You Clarify Your Niche For $25

My Niche Definer Skill Session gives you a simple system you can use to clarify who you want to serve and how best to serve them.

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As Ellen Donnelly said:

“The Niche Definer was great at making it very simple to determine whether or not you HAVE a strong niche and what to do to make yours clearer if you don’t.”

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