5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I’ve got a lot of valuable stuff for you in my newsletter today.

But I’m not sure any of it is as important as this message .

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Get Unstuck In Your Creative Business (And My 90-Day Content Library System)

My podcast this week was packed with systems you can easily put to use including the Two Lists system that drastically improved my business and a content creation system that will save you from having to create new stuff all the time.

2. This Is Why No One Cared About Your Social Post

Only read this if you’re ready for some brutal honesty.

3. Five Types Of Content That Actually Make You Money

Most social media “best practices” are designed to get likes and engagement, but these approaches will earn you money instead.

4. Why You Should Do “Choose Your Own Price” Coaching Calls

I’ll be honest — I don’t exactly agree with this approach. But…that doesn’t mean it’s without merit and you might find it’s a good fit for your own situation.

5. How To Write A Great YouTube Description

There are so many little details to worry about on YouTube — this should at least allow you to stop worrying about one of them.

I’ll Show You How To Create And Launch A Product In A Day For Just $25

My Product-In-A-Day Creator Skill Session gives you a simple system you can use to create, launch, and sell a simple product in a day.

And since you’re reading my newsletter, you can use discount code PRODUCT25 to get it for just $25 this week.

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This Is The Part You Usually Don’t Read

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My Final Words Of The Week

It’s easy to think you’re not good enough to accomplish something.

But it’s just as easy to think you are.

They’re just thoughts — not facts.

Have an interesting week!


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