5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I made a bet this week.

I bet Arvid Kahl I’d get to 3,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel before he does.

He had a head start (he had 2,000 subscribers at the time and I only had 1,600).

But you’re my secret weapon.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here and if I win…so will you.

Because if I beat him to 3,000 subs then I’ll give you one of my Skill Sessions videos for free!

Thanks in advance for your support.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. The Secrets To Figuring Out What Your Audience Wants

I break down what questions to ask in a survey, when to use a lead magnet (and when not to), and the most common mistake I see newsletter writers make.

2. The 5 Choices That Determine How Productive Your Day Will Be

My most productive days are always a result of these key decisions.

3. How To Use An Upside-Down Home Page To Increase Conversions

One of the secrets to Justin Welsh’s success is no longer a secret.

4. How The LinkedIn Algorithm Works

You’ll learn how long posts should be, how many hashtags is too many, and what happens when you respond to comments within an hour.

5. How To Use Extreme Brainstorming Questions To Surface New Ideas

These 15 questions are sure to unlock opportunities in your business you hadn’t considered before.

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It’s because I want you to get the help people like them have gotten.

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My Final Words Of The Week

I’ve made some unusual choices in my career.

But my experience has been that when you trust your gut, pursue your passions, and make the occasional unconventional choice, more often than not those choices pay off.

Have an interesting week!


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