5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

My Skill Sessions are awesome, but they’re about to get awesomer.

Because I’m adding a monthly “Jam Session” Q&A where members can join me on Zoom and get advice or feedback on their specific projects.

To celebrate this expansion of my Skill Sessions membership, I’m doing a couple things:

1. Each daily issue of my newsletter this week will feature an excerpt from a previous Skill Session.

2. I’m inviting you to attend my first Jam Session for free — even if you’re not a Skill Session member yet!

The Jam Session will happen on May 17 at 11 am PST and you can use this link to join at that time.

(Note: Space is limited so I recommend you show up on time or a couple minutes early.)

One more BIG thing:

This week is your last chance to become a Skill Sessions member for just $150.

That gets you access to all my Sessions for less than $6 per Session!

The membership price goes up to $197 on May 23rd, but if you join this week you get in at the lower price and can keep that rate for as long as you want!

Get immediate access to all my Skill Sessions here.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How To Pitch Yourself

The secrets to getting yourself booked on podcasts and written about by the media. Plus, how to hire someone to make those things happen for you if you prefer.

2. Prompts To Get ChatGPT To Help Market Your Business

This step-by-step guide for beginners shows you how to get AI help with content creation, short form video creation, and email marketing.

3. How To Turn Your Blog Or Newsletter Into A Book

You might have already written a book…you just don’t realize it yet.

4. How To Write Tweets That Get You Likes AND Cash

Watch an expert craft tweets in real-time that do both from scratch.

5. A Deep Dive Into How Jay Clouse Built And Runs His Business

Including how he grows his audience, what his tech stack looks like, and how he makes money.

Sources and Sponsors

• Curious how to grow your email list and your newsletter with a quiz? Check out Quiz Quest: a workshop series to take you from strangers to subscribers.

• Get the free 5-Minute Marketing Plan from the Empathy Marketing Company — a simple framework that will position your business for growth.

• Wasting too much time on people who are not buying? Join Lex Roman for a training on how to Find Your Buyers and take charge of staying booked now.

• Clear your backlog to empower your workflow with Extelli. Unlock your team’s knowledge. Make and share guides in seconds, not hours. Try Extelli free

• Want to stop procrastinating on your goals? Check out this free Effortless Productivity Training.

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My Final Words Of The Week

When considering whether or not to pursue something, I always “assume success.”

What might happen if it works?

Most people ask themselves the opposite.

And that convinces them not to try at all.

Have an interesting week!


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