5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

I used to be uncomfortable sharing my ideas.

Just found ​this note I wrote to myself on Dec. 1, 2015​.

I hope it helps you see you’re not the only one who struggles to put yourself out there.

It’s a journey, but you can get there.

Life on the other side is pretty cool.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. ​How The Most Generous Creator I Know Operates​

Including how he built his audience, became the center of an active and supportive community, and figured out what products to create.

2. ​My Take On The Art Of Audience Growth​

I was interviewed on the Become A Writer Today podcast and shared my thoughts on how best to provide value to an audience, leverage social media, and more.

3. ​5 Questions You Need To Be Able To Answer If You Want To Sell Something​

They’re only basic if you actually know how to answer them — and lots of people don’t.

4. ​An AI Tool That Helps You Create 30 Short Videos In An Hour​

I tried this and it’s pretty freakin’ helpful.

5. ​The Head Of Instagram Reveals How Its Algorithm Works​

Learn how stories, reels, and feed posts get ranked.

This Is Where I Tell You To Check Out My Skill Sessions, But…

Instead I’ll just show you three things members said about them:

“He NEVER fails to deliver massive value in a no-fluff, no-bullshit manner. NOTE: I’m not getting paid — I’m just a VERY satisfied customer.” — ​Jeff Lanctot​

“I took your Skill Session about writing the best blog yesterday. WOW! I took 5 pages of handwritten notes. The way you broke the process down makes getting started feel easy. So, today I’m going to start writing a blog post using your method.” — ​Karen Barnard​

“I always learn something new. There’s always something I can implement right now and more ideas to implement in the future.” — ​Tom Killen​

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My Final Words Of The Week

I’ll leave you with this:

​The most dangerous sentence we say to ourselves ALL the time​.

Have an interesting week!


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