5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Nothing is a “must-read.”

Or a “must-watch.”

Or a “must-listen.”

Or a “must-subscribe.”

Or a “must-buy.”

I’m guilty of using these terms on occasion too, but they’re not true.

You’ll be fine if you don’t do what people say you must.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. ​This 4-Question Pricing Formula Reveals What You Should Charge​

A two-minute exercise I use when I have to price something.

2. ​30 Unique Ways Creators Are Using AI To Improve Their Business​

Including how they use it to brainstorm, plan content, write, and edit.

3. ​How To Delegate 85% Of Your Work Using The “Last 100” Exercise​

It’s as simple a delegation system as I’ve seen.

4. ​The Most Valuable Advice YouTube’s #1 Expert Has Given​

On everything from defining your niche, to growth, to monetization.

5. ​How To Create A Free Workshop And Turn It Into A Paid Product (In A Week)​

A step-by-step guide to creating, launching, and promoting a simple product.

Want One Of My Skill Sessions For FREE?

Here’s my crazy insane spectacularly awesome offer for you this week.

This offer is only available for 24 hours so don’t wait to act on it!

I’ll give you any one of my Skill Sessions for free if you do the following:

Step 1:

Pick which of my ​Skill Sessions​ you want.

Step 2:

Post something on social media that recommends my newsletter to your followers. You can send them to ​this signup page​.

Step 3:

Reply to this newsletter and send me a link to the social post where you mention my newsletter and let me know which Session you want for free.

That’s it — all you have to do after that is enjoy the free Session when I send it to you!

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My Final Words Of The Week

Need to have a productive day?

​Here’s how others do it​.

Have an interesting week!


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