5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

Feeling overwhelmed?

​Remember this sentence​.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. ​5 Ways To Turn A One-Time Buyer Into Repeat Business​

Without pestering or annoying them.

2. ​How To Build A 730-Day Content Library​

Justin Welsh shares an AI prompt you can use to generate powerful content ideas in any niche — and how to track their performance.

(Btw, my ​Content Maximizer Skill Session​ can also help you get more out of the content you create.)

3. ​How To Avoid Marketing The Wrong Way​

Unfortunately, it’s probably what you currently do.

4. ​How To Double Your Podcast Audience In A Month​

Based on how someone did it without using social media or paid promotion.

5. ​How To Brand Your One-Person Business​

A behind-the-scenes look at how one creative entrepreneur reinvented her brand.

Do You Know I Also Write Another Newsletter?

It’s called ​Game Changer​.

And it’s super valuable for anyone raising or coaching a young athlete.

Sources and Sponsors

• You don’t have to do shady stuff to ​grow your audience and business​.

• Check out ​the most useful I Want To Know podcast episodes for creative entrepreneurs​.

​Here’s how to reach 50,000+ creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers​ for just $350.

My Final Words Of The Week

When most creative entrepreneurs consider trying something, they ask themselves:

“I wonder if this could work?”

A more helpful question:

“I wonder if this could work if I invested five years in doing it?”

Different questions generate different answers.

Have an interesting week!


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