5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

If you’re struggling to write…

Just do what Neil Gaiman does.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

The Starting Five

1. How I’m Getting Newsletter Subscribers From LinkedIn And Twitter Posts

A breakdown of a new approach that got me 79 newsletter subscribers from social posts last month.

2. A Simple Way To Get Your Audience To Consume More Of Your Content

And they’ll LOVE you for doing it!

3. How To Approach Your Dream Customers

Including where to find them and what to say to them when you do.

4. A 5-Minute Sponsorship Sales Strategy

It even works if you’ve never sold a sponsorship before.

5. How To Find Your Next Audience

The secret to growing a large audience is to combine a bunch of small ones.

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A Soundtrack For Your Week

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to check out my Riddim playlist.

It’s a slice of reggae with a dash of dub and the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday spent in a hammock.

Featuring songs from The Wailers, Toots & The Maytals, H.E.R., and a bunch of artists you probably don’t know.

And in case you missed last week’s soundtrack, go check out my Campfire playlist for some mellow Americana with a side of attitude.

My Final Words Of The Week

I’ve seen a lot of different approaches to podcasts, but I don’t think I’ve seen one like this before

Have an interesting week!


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