The Quickest Way To Get More Of What You Want

We all want more.

More attention. More money. More success.

But to get it, we must change one word in our approach.

The way to “get” more is to “give” more, so we must ask ourselves how we can give more.

When we focus on how best to give instead of get, amazing things happen.

Because our value is a direct result of the value we create for others.

If we seek attention, we must first figure out how to drive attention to others.

If we seek money, we must first figure out how to generate it for others.

And if we seek success, we must first figure out how to help others succeed.

The better we give, the more we will get in return.

Because the quickest way to get more of what we want is to give it to others. That’s how value is created.

So when you figure out what you want more of, don’t ask yourself how you can get it — ask how you can give more of it to others.

The answer to that question is the only one that matters.