Warren Buffett’s “Two Lists” Strategy To Master Focus

“Getting rid of wasteful items and decisions is relatively easy. It’s eliminating things you care about that is difficult. The tasks that have the greatest likelihood of derailing your progress are the ones you care about, but that aren’t truly important.”

Here’s a productivity tip that’s simple, but not easy.

James Clear shares a story about how Warren Buffett sets priorities that begins with creating two lists.

Start with a list of your top 25 goals. Then, from that list, choose the five most important and put them on a second list. The list of five become your top priority.

But here’s the twist — the other list becomes your “Avoid At All Costs List” because those goals are of secondary importance and yet will be the ones that tempt you the most.

They’re the ones you have to fight hardest to prevent from distracting you from the five that matter most.