Why a Focus on “Average Speed” Helps You Develop Better Habits

“Anyone can feel a burst of inspiration, head to the gym, and push themselves for a single workout. That’s maximum speed. We waste a lot of time obsessing over it. How hard was your workout? How motivated are you? How fast are you pushing it? But what if you were to average all of your days in the last month? How many of those days included a workout? How about the last three months? Or the last year? What has your average speed been?”

The tortoise is going to like this post a lot more than the hare.

James Clear explains why a focus on your average speed can help you develop more impactful habits and suggests your goal should be to gradually increase your average speed instead of aiming to work at an unsustainable “maximum speed” pace.

This concept is applicable to just about any habit you hope to develop — from writing, to working out, to eating healthier.