20 Things To Think About Today In One Minute

1. There’s no such thing as perfect.

2. Don’t aim for good — aim for good enough.

3. You’re not unlucky. You’re not lucky either.

4. There’s no single right choice. There are infinite choices, all of which can be made right by you.

5. Motion creates action. So, get moving.

6. You’re not the person you were yesterday and you’re not the person you’ll be tomorrow.

7. You control what happens to you because you control how you perceive it.

8. What have you done 100 times in the last year? Those are the things determining the course of your life — adjust accordingly.

9. What people say about you and your work reveals more about them than you or your work.

10. Timing is a skill.

11. Trying to do what somebody else has done is like copying the test answers of somebody who’s taking a different test.

12. You didn’t miss your moment of opportunity — you missed THAT moment of opportunity. Another one will be along in a minute.

13. When you scratch an itch, it makes you want to scratch it more.

14. Every test in life is open book.

15. The most valuable answers come from asking the most valuable questions.

16. “Because I want to” is a great reason to do something.

17. The point of being open minded is to allow enough ideas in that you can form your own.

18. Nobody cares about your creation until they understand what it can do for them.

19. In the beginning, everything is to be determined. The question is, who will determine it?

20. Don’t “spend” your time, invest it.