The Biggest Misconception Creators Have About Building An Audience

In order to build an audience, you have to understand what it means to have one.

Your audience isn’t the number of people who consume your creations — it’s the number of people you can count on to consume your NEXT creation.

This is a HUGE difference that can shift your entire mindset about audience growth.

Let’s say your creation magically goes viral and a million people see it. If none of them subscribe or follow you after seeing your work, have you really grown your audience?


Because without a CONNECTION to your fans, you have no ability to ensure they will see your next creation — which is a the only meaningful way to measure your audience.

Too many creators focus solely on getting their work seen and put no effort into establishing a connection to those who see it.

A video with 500 views that generates 100 new YouTube subscribers is more valuable than a video with 50,000 views that only attracts 25 new subscribers.

Don’t celebrate the 50,000 views — mourn the 49,975 missed opportunities.

It’s not the consumption of your work that matters, it’s the connection that comes from that consumption.

Because those connections are what audiences — and careers — are ultimately built on.

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