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20 Reasons Why You Should Break The Rules

1. Most people don’t question rules. But most successful people do.

2. Every rule is designed to level the playing field or tilt it.

3. Rules are created to protect the status quo — not to spur innovation.

4. Rules are established by people in power and those people have a vested interest in staying in power.

5. Rules are not static — they evolve. But that evolution is driven by rule breakers. (Who I profile each week.)

6. Rules aren’t facts. They’re not laws. They’re theories.

7. Rules are based on theories of what’s best and those theories are based on the available information at the time they’re created.

8. We can and should create our own rules for ourselves.

9. Rules are open to interpretation.

10. To obey a rule is a choice. To disobey a rule is to choose to deal with the consequences of doing so.

11. Rules are based on what’s known and can inhibit what’s possible.

12. It’s more important to understand the purpose of a rule than it is to follow it.

13. Rules are instructions — a guide to help you accomplish something. But they’re not the only way to accomplish that thing.

14. Rules are often made by committees — but committees require compromise. And compromise often waters down truth.

15. Those who create rules don’t always have the relevant experience required to do so.

16. Rules that restrict more than they enable deserve to be broken.

17. Rules frame culture.

18. Beware unwritten rules — there’s a reason they haven’t been written.

19. Rules influence behavior, but behavior can also influence rules.

20. There are a lot fewer rules in life than we think there are.


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