Think You Can’t Do Something? Read This.

This isn’t a pep talk.

You want to do something in your life, but convinced yourself you can’t for one (or more) of these reasons:

You’re scared. You’re worried. You’re insecure. You’re clueless.

But you’re wrong.

You don’t need a pep talk to overcome these issues, you need the truth about your excuses.

You think you can’t do it because you’re afraid, but you’re WRONG.

Fear can’t stop you from doing something unless you let it.

You’re worried one thing might happen, but there are a million other things just as likely to happen instead.

The odds are something other than what you fear will happen.

The odds are on your side – remember that.

And like Seth Godin says, your fear is a compass. Go toward it.

You think you can’t do it because it makes you uncomfortable, but you’re WRONG.

Discomfort doesn’t prevent accomplishment — it precedes it.

How much discomfort have you survived in order to get that which currently makes you happy?

Has dealing with your family always been comfortable?

Did your career start in an easy place?

Does your art come easy?

Discomfort isn’t optional. It’s a prerequisite.

And it’s not a valid excuse.

You think you can’t do it because it might not work, but you’re WRONG.

Nothing’s guaranteed. Everything might fail.

Yet you pursue things and succeed in the face of this reality all the time.

Why should this thing be different?

A guarantee of success will never come, but you can guarantee failure by trying to avoid it.

You think you can’t do it because you don’t know how, but you’re WRONG.

Everything can be learned.

It may take time, may take years, but it can be learned.

There’s no excuse to not know how any more.

When you say you don’t know how to do something, you mean you’re not patient or determined enough to learn how.

That’s a crappy excuse. Be better than that.

You think you can’t do it because reading this post doesn’t change anything, and you’re RIGHT.

Reading this post doesn’t mean you can suddenly do the thing you want to do.

I can’t make these excuses no longer valid in your life.

Only you can.