A Manifesto For Content Creators

1. Try. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams.

2. Try again.

3. Stick with it. Don’t quit.

4. Develop your voice.

5. Be original. Be unique.

6. Learn from the masters.

7. Get to know your peers. There’s power in community.

8. Break rules.

9. Embrace, empower, and appreciate every one of your supporters.

10. Always be creating.

11. Make it fun. But don’t forget it’s work.

12. Be patient.

13. Don’t be afraid to fail.

14. Don’t be afraid to succeed.

15. Don’t steal other people’s ideas.

16. Don’t be paranoid about other people stealing your ideas.

17. Your short term goal is to get better.

18. Your long term goal is to get better.

19. Recognize it’s not enough to just be good.

20. Create ways for people who share your view of the world to participate in your work.

21. Don’t worry about the people that don’t get you. They don’t matter.

22. Define your own success.

23. Have something to say.

24. Don’t get jealous of others’ success. What they do has nothing to do with what you do.

25. Create your own opportunities.

26. Control your own career.

27. Listen to the conventional wisdom. But don’t always follow it.

28. Create content that creates value for others.

29. Be talented. Be lucky. Be persistent. And not necessarily in that order.

30. No matter how big your industry is, it’s small. Don’t burn bridges.

31. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re better than you are by only doing what you already know you can do.

32. Adapt.

33. Charge for something at some point – it will help you get better.

34. Understand your strengths and seek opportunities to exploit them.

35. Brace yourself for the inevitable frustrations and disappointments.

36. Don’t become a jerk when you succeed.

37. Work.

38. Recognize you compete with everyone in the world. But remember you have an advantage because none of them are you.

39. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be real.

40. Have fun.