If You Don't Enjoy The Process Of Creating Something, It's Unlikely Others Will Enjoy Consuming It - For The Interested

If You Don’t Enjoy The Process Of Creating Something, It’s Unlikely Others Will Enjoy Consuming It

To create something people will love, find something you love to create.

I often get asked how I managed to publish 133 issues of my For The Interested newsletter over the past couple years and attract an audience of 25,000 subscribers for it.

My answer surprises people.

But the truth is it’s not as hard as it looks.

That’s because I love the work, the thing I create, and the process of bringing it into the world every week.

When you love the work more than you desire its potential results, magic happens.

That magic seeps into your work in ways an audience can sense. It makes them want to consume and connect to it.

We’re wired to appreciate craft and true craftsmanship can only be practiced by those in love with the act of creation.

So if you dream of creating something people will love, the first step is not to identify a problem to solve.

It’s not to pick a target audience.

And it’s not to come up with a cool logo or (god forbid) a hashtag strategy.

The first step is to find something you LOVE to create.

Something whose quality MATTERS to you.

And that you’re excited to work on EVERY DAY no matter how many people consume it.

When you do those things, you give magic a chance to happen.