How To Tell The 11 Excuses That Hold You Back To F- Off

The biggest challenge in life is to get out of our own way.

Fears, insecurities, and doubts inspire the excuses we use to hide from going after what we want.

We tell ourselves things that aren’t true and allow those stories to hold us back.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can counter our excuses with arguments, poke holes in our negativity, and overcome our fears with reason, optimism, and tenacity.

We can talk ourselves into achieving our dreams as easily as we’ve talked ourselves out of them.

To do so, we must reconsider the excuses we tell ourselves.

Here are some common ones and a counter argument to each. They represent a mindset to help you get out of your own way and get what you want.

1. “But…I don’t have enough time.”

Yes you do. Time is a choice. You’re choosing to use it on other things.

The choices we make with our time are not easy and always come with consequences, but they are also always choices.

2. “But…I don’t have enough money.”

So start small. Start for free. Start getting creative.

If you can’t afford to do the big thing of your dreams, then find a way to do a tiny version of it and build from there.

3. “But…I might fail.”

True, but you also might succeed.

Failure is always an option. Get used to it. Run toward it.

4. “But…I don’t know how.”

You didn’t always know how to walk, or speak, or read. Nobody knows how to do anything until they learn how to do it.

And the only way to do that is to try.

5. “But…I don’t have any experience and I’m not qualified.”

There’s only one way to get some.

How do you think people who have experience got it? They weren’t born with it.

6. “But…I don’t have any connections.”

Who you know is influenced by what you do. When you do things, it draws people to you and connections develop in the process.

A network isn’t a prerequisite to do something —it’s a result of something you do.

7. “But…I don’t have access.”

Somebody else does. Find that person. Find that place. Find that thing. And find its access point.

Every opportunity has a front door AND a back door — use them. Need access to a recording studio? Get a job there as a janitor. (Bon Jovi did.)

8. “But…it’s a long shot.”

So are most things worth doing. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

9. “But…I don’t have permission.”

You don’t need it. Nobody — not your boss, friends, or family — has the right to dictate the choices you make in your life.

The only permission you need comes from yourself.

10. “But…I don’t have help.”

Correction: You don’t have help YET.

Help comes when you do something to inspire it. There are people who want you to succeed, share your vision, and will be eager to help you. But not until they see you take those first steps —they’re waiting for you to lead them where they want to go.

11. “But…I don’t know what I want.”

Yes you do.

You just refuse to admit it to yourself or don’t have the courage to follow a hunch about what you might want.

It will always be easier to say you don’t know what you want than to go after something you do.

But easier rarely takes you where you want to go.