How a Conversation Dinner Can Change the Way You Communicate

“Most conversations nowadays are one-sided, involving one party simply waiting for his or her turn to speak. The Conversation Dinner was something else. It felt like a joint effort to speculate and explore themes shared by all of humanity; understanding each other was an integral part of the process.”

It’s one thing to have a good conversation at dinner, but it’s another to have a Conversation Dinner.

Christina Ling explains how to create a Conversation Dinner, inspired by a series of events organized by the Oxford Muse Foundation to develop new methods to improve personal, professional, and intercultural relationships.

A Conversation Dinner brings together a group of people for dinner, separates them into pairs of people who didn’t know each other previously, and presents them with a menu of conversation topics to discuss throughout the meal.

Sample conversation menu topics include questions like “How have your priorities changed over the years?,” “What are you rebelling against now?,” and “What do you need that money cannot buy?”