How Facebook Is Killing Comedy

“We’re used to a world where if you put something out there that’s good, people see it and share it. But that’s just not true in this world. Someone can make something really good, and just because of some weird algorithmic reasons, or if it’s not designed specifically for Facebook, it doesn’t do well. And then it becomes impossible to know what a good thing to make is anymore.”

While I don’t 100% agree with everything that’s in this one (it’s not just Facebook’s fault — there are also issues with publishers/creators, advertising-based business models, and audiences), there’s a lot of truth to it.

Matt Klinman, a former Funny or Die employee, tells Splitsider why he believes Facebook is killing comedy and echoes concerns of other publishers about how Facebook’s algorithm has essentially wiped out the opportunities the Internet once offered creators.

It’s an excellent read about how all creative industries (not just comedy) are being impacted by Facebook.