5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

“Welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

As 2019 winds down, there’s one thing I know: It didn’t turn out how we expected.

It was better in some ways and worse in others, but regardless of how it turned out I’m sure yours was as full of surprises as mine.

The same will be true next year.

Here’s to enjoying the ride, wherever it takes us.

Now, on to this week’s ideas…

“It’s my honor to help you better produce, promote, and profit from your creations and nothing makes me happier than to see so many of you make progress on those fronts.”

What a year.

More than a million people read my writing this year and I appreciate the time, attention, and promotion you’ve given my work this year.

Here’s a breakdown of my 20 most popular articles of the year including everything from tips about how to improve your social media profiles, to how to find the best information on any topic that interests you, to how to tell if you slept well last night.

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“We are in our natural state when thinking about the future, setting goals and making plans to reach them. But being so focused on future goals makes it hard, almost impossible, to stay in touch with the present.”

Since you’re probably considering your goals for the coming year, now is the perfect time to read this one.

Brian Casel suggests you focus on themes instead of goals and explains how choosing to pursue themes such as “more creative deep work” or “keep improving customer retention” can be a better way to stay focused on the present as opposed to setting specific long-term goals.

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“Your goals on social media include reach, convert, and retain. Your tone and content should fulfill those objectives.”

You’ll have more success on social media if you have a consistent approach to how you use it.

Corinna Keefe breaks down how to create a social media style guide including tips on how to define your brand identity, choose which social networks to use, determine your social voice, and more.

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“The best time to think through questions about ending a gig is before you take the gig.”

Not all work is worth the money you get paid to do it.

Seth Godin suggests five signs you should quit a gig including when there’s a skills-based gap, reputation gap, or quality gap.

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“Borrow, be ridiculous on occasion, and be yourself. This is one medium where it can pay 100-fold to simply be you: warts, weirdness, and all.”

This isn’t just about podcasting.

If you have interest in building an audience for anything, you should check out what Tim Ferriss has to say about how he built a #1-ranked podcast.

He covers everything from how he makes money with it, to where it fits in his overall business strategy, to how much time he puts into it.

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Some of this week’s ideas came from Tijmen Rumke, DO Lectures, and Christopher Penn.

Image via Los Angeles Public Library.


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