My 20 Most Popular Articles Of 2019

How I helped creators produce, promote, and profit from their creations this year.

What a year.

I can’t believe I’m writing this sentence, but more than a million people read my articles this year (!!!) and for that I’m incredibly appreciative.

I’d also like to give a special shoutout to those of you who have also subscribed to my For The Interested newsletter and Creator Accelerator program.

It’s my honor to help you better produce, promote, and profit from your creations and nothing makes me happier than to see so many of you make progress on those fronts.

So, congratulations to YOU as well!

Following are the 20 articles that resonated most with readers this year.

(And if you’re curious, here are a collection of my most popular articles from 20182017, and 2016.)

20. “When was the last time you reviewed your social media profiles?”

19. “Creators who consistently put things into the world do so by ignoring the reasons why they ‘can’t’ — they believe they have everything they need to create anything they want.”

18. “There’s more than one way to win. Great coaches understand this and adapt their strategy to reflect the unique strengths of their teams.”

17. “A millionaire lifestyle isn’t actually about material items — it’s a an operating system for life.”

16. “Our time is best spent on the work that generates the most value, not the work that happens to get thrown at us most recently or from the person whose voice is the loudest.”

15. “Don’t Write About Your Experiences — Write About What You LEARNED From Them.”

14. “The truth is you don’t find your voice, you develop it.”

13. “Nothing’s scarier than a life in which you abandon your dreams based on the fear of a hypothetical outcome.”

12. “I framed my creation and sharing of this post as a generous act — I’m not ‘selling’ to people, I’m trying to help them. Both things are true, but there’s nothing wrong with that.”

11. “Your ability to communicate in a way that accurately explains your intent and value is the single most powerful lever you have to pull.”

10. “It doesn’t matter how your peers, colleagues, or competitors are doing — their success doesn’t preclude you from being successful.”

9. “If you try tactics in this post, I guarantee you’ll discover a treasure trove of valuable information about any topic that interests you.”

8. “The key to a successful career is your ability to develop four key assets: Skills, Knowledge, Effort, and Time.”

7. “If my morning work time goes badly, it doesn’t mean I’m having a bad day — it means 1/7th of my day went sideways.”

6. “If you’re going to be a person who tries lots of things, you also have to become a person who’s not afraid to quit them if they don’t work or take up too much time.”

5. “The best way to know what a candidate did in a previous job is to ask them to break it down for you minute-by-minute.”

4. “Your knowledge is an asset that becomes infinitely more valuable when you share it.”

3. “The solution is not to obsess over how to increase your forever-limited supply of time, but rather to consider how to decrease the demands of what you want to do with that time.”

2. “Get clear on your goal before you write the email and decide what action you want the recipient to take as a result of it.”

1. “The less you remember your dreams, the better you slept.”