5 Ideas For The Interested This Week

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Now, on to this week’s ideas…

1. The Time Management Tips Collection

“A collection of links to articles that will help you better manage your time, be more productive, and feel less pressure and anxiety around time.”

I’ve shared a LOT of helpful ideas about how to get better at time management over the years and now I’ve now compiled the best of them into a single page.

My new time management tips collection includes advice about how to free up two hours of your day, master time management in 10 minutes a day, get better at estimating the time things take to do, and much more.

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2. How To Build An Audience-First Empire

“I tell people all the time that if you’re not even sure that you can consistently produce content on Twitter, then you’re definitely not ready to be on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, podcast, and YouTube.”

I recently discovered Bilal Zaidi’s Creator Lab podcast and have quickly become obsessed with it.

In this 60-minute video (which you can also listen to on your favorite podcast app) he chats with Anthony Pompliano about how to build an audience-first empire.

It’s a conversation packed with actionable advice about everything from how to get Twitter followers, to how to write eye-catching headlines, to what it takes to monetize an audience.

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3. 10 Steps To Getting Paid To Create

“All creation is problem-solving, and problems are always based on people’s feelings.”

No matter what you create, if you hope to earn money from it there are certain principles you need to wrap your head around.

Jeff Goins shares 10 steps to getting paid to create including to decide how you will be different, capture attention, and ask for a commitment.

Btw, I found this link in the #JessPicks newsletter.

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4. How To Treat Your New Ideas

“Imagine if we could turn off the fear of making something lame. Imagine how much more we’d do.”

Every idea or project has to start somewhere and the way you treat your early work goes a long way to determining your eventual success with it.

Paul Graham digs into how to treat your new ideas and explores how to treat them as a challenge to your imagination, deal with the skepticism of others, and focus less on where you are and more on the rate of change.

Btw, I found this link in the Brain Pint newsletter.

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5. How To Use A Giveaway To Grow Your Audience

“A giveaway is a marketing channel so you have to compare it to other marketing activities.”

There’s a high likelihood I’m going to offer a giveaway some time soon and it’s 100% because I watched this video.

In an 18-minute video, Noah Kagan explains how to use a giveaway to grow your audience while showing a viewer exactly how to run one in real time including advice about how to set it up, choose a prize, and promote it.

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